Sunday, 20 November 2011

The less than 24 hour countdown! (1 day to go)

Dear internets:

I feel like I'm going to barf up all that ice cream I ate for breakfast. At this time tomorrow I will be in the air en route to my connection in London! Gareth was so kind as to inform me of the time change and I now realize my internal clock will be totally backward. But that's okay, Mom gave me some GBP so I think I'll just eat sour patch kids in the airport and hyper myself into the new time zone (I have 9 hours to twiddle my thumbs in London and try not to get into trouble). Khalid's busy trying to make sure I get from the airport in Istanbul to the hostel (apparently I picked the airport on the Asian side, much further away than Ataturk). I sit here trying to pronounce all the Turkish names and Khalid can only shake his head. Apparently I am butchering it. Luckily I have my address printed, so at the very least I can just point to it even if I can't say it. Woo hoo!

Okay, so what did we do yesterday? Yesterday was Dukoral day, traveler's diarrhea aint got nothing on me. But for some reason I don't remember Dukoral tasting that bad?!

I bet cholera tastes a whole lot worse though. Oh wait, that didn't come out quite right...
Khalid and I also took a walk down to Lynde Shore conservation area. Khalid tried to persuade the chickadees to come and land in his hand, but he didn't do a great job impersonating a bird feeder (I'm pretty sure bird feeders don't chase the birds. I love you babe!).

Yesterday ended with a trip to Aunt Bev's house for some last minute goodbyes... which turned into a "let's-catch-the-mouse-in-Aunt-Bev's-house" visit. Khalid was determined to catch the mouse, while I was determined to do my best impression of a hysterical woman. Apparently I am the person that screams and jumps up on the couch, which is funny, I wouldn't have pegged myself as one of those. If any of my Cambodia friends are reading this, you will well remember that I had no problem sleeping with the mice in Cambodia, and I even tolerated them crawling in my hair. But a facemask and earplugs will do wonders for allowing you to imagine certain things aren't happening. In any case, I got word today that apparently the mouse was caught in a one way box and released into the wild... where it will promptly find its way into another house I'm quite sure :)

Which brings us to today, and the one day countdown! I spent the morning packing and eating ice cream. Then I felt guilty and thought I might go to the gym before realizing that I canceled my gym membership. So then I ate some more ice cream and resolved that I would just run up and down some mountains in Nepal. I packed a bunch of powdered Tide detergent because I remembered how handy that was in Cambodia for washing clothes. It really looks like bags of cocaine. I wrote on the ziploc bag "Tide laundry detergent," but then, if I was a cocaine dealer trying to disguise my cache, I would totally write that too. We'll see if BA notices... BA, if you're reading this, I am totally legit, please don't confiscate my bag!

Khalid and I went to visit some more family in the evening and on their recommendation set off to find this Pita Deli place on our way home for dinner. Andrea, we could not find it! We settled for Subway, which I am certain is far less awesome. Oh my gosh, the woman infront of us ordered 10 subs!!! I don't know why you need to know that, but it seems pertinent. I had tofu for dinner, I wonder if they'll have tofu in Portugal? I'll probably be too busy eating salted cod to find out.

Well friends, as a wise person once said... "The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel Safe. GO!" Maybe I'll even win a million dollars, I'm just saying.

Later days,
P.S. I'm super speedy here on my DVORAK keyboard, but once the QWERTY hits it may be slow going and riddled with spelling errors. If you love me you'll understand.

It appears I don't have much planned for this week!

I feel like I need my own version of the Asian peace sign... this will do.


  1. Travel safe, my love, and come back to me soon. I'm going to try to pretend you're really just going back to Guelph and not half-way around the world away from me. Just always remember that I'm here for you and always will be.

    Love always and forever!
    Mom xoxo

  2. I can't wait to read more of these blogs :) I love the version of the asian peace sign lol...although it kind of looks like you are giving the loser sign. :)
    I'm going to miss you Vicki!!!!!

  3. Soon, Soon you will be in sie Deutschland. Can't wait to meet ya at the Flughafen (airport)!!!