Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lisbon (November 23)- vegan gelato day

Okay, so today was 100% better than yesterday!

Where to begin? Well, I met my sleeping roomate today, his name is Isaac. I also met a local who´s staying in the hostel for a bit, his name is Fabio (oh, I couldn´t even make it up). I had some orange juice for breakfast because everything else was bread-y and resolved that I would have a masssive lunch. Lisbon is much better during the day, I must say. I finally got the knack of finding the street signs and walked toward the river, passed Rossio square, stopping to take many touristsy photos along the way. To tell you the truth people, I spent 8 hours walking around and don´t even know where the time went. It´s not like I did any shopping, just walking. I spent a little time in the Praca de Figueira, which is a nice little square with a great view. I found the train station by accident (nice one Vicki). I had one of those "oh, this building looks important moments!" and went inside. But I musn´t take the train tomorrow, because all the transporting peoples are going on strike (don´t forget Vicki). There are lots of pastry shops, and by lots I mean millions. Lisbon is well known for its gluten-y pastries! (even though my pants are all elastic waistband, it´s probably for the best). I followed someone into a particulary famous one and perused, it was fun. Then I ran into a fellow tourista outside who I helped find a street, because I´m all expert now, you see. He was from Germany and when I told him I was going to Germany he said I should soak up all the Portugal sun, because there´s none of it in Germany.

So then comes my lunching adventure. I had a place in mind that I´d found in my guidebook, and so I set off. But then it wasn´t there. Actually, it was there, but it turns out it´s much better to find a place by searching for the number on the street and not relying on the guidebook´s assurance that it´s at the intersection. So I went to my back up plan restaurant, which REALLY wasn´t there, because I triple checked. So, I ended up at a place called India Gate, where I had chicken korma and palau rice. And if you know Khalid, you are laughing because I have something very similar to this at his place all the time! I also had cardamom ice cream for dessert, which also made me feel like I was back at Khalid´s. I told Hermant that I would be back, but it´s really pricey there, so maybe not everyday. I really wanted to try salted cod, but oh man, that stuff smells like things I will not say. Suffice it to say if I ever decide to try it, there´s no need for a map because you smell it before you see it. Really Portugal, really?!

Toward the end of the day I checked out the Castelo de Sao Jorge, the castle on the cliff. It was great, I spent a few hours wandering around there before I decided it was time for gelato, vegan gelato! Yes, it does exist. I had orange and ate it down by the water, it was definitely worth the 3 euros :P Also, I´m finding that the people who say "I dont´t speak English" actually know an adequate amount of English. And thank goodness for French lessons, because I can actually gather the jist of what people are saying. Like the old man climbing the stairs at the castle who shouted "fatiguo!" I´m totally with you, man. Other random things of the day included the fact that everyone in Portugal seems to smoke, and people love segues. I thought about stealing one for a joy ride, but did you know the police have policia buses? Buses! Although, it´s entirely possible that the police don´t actually arrest English people. I am basing this off my interaction with a policia man today. I was sitting on steps I shouldn´t have been sitting on, and he came over and said something to me in Portuguese. Here´s how it went:
Vicki: I don´t speak Portuguese.
Policia man: blah blah blah blah blah Portuguese?
Vicki: No.
Policia man: blah blah blah blah blah parle Francais?
Vicki: No.
Policia man: blah blah blah blah blah able Espanol?
Vicki: No.
Then the policia man walked away, probably disgusted at how unworldly I am, lol.

Okay friends, it´s time for bed I think. One of the new hostel people is playing music really loud, so if I can´t sleep then I´ll just come on back here and blabber on.

Later days,



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